Tubby Tom's - 'Korean One' Spicy Gochujang BBQ Glaze 150g

Tubby Tom's - 'Korean One' Spicy Gochujang BBQ Glaze 150g

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Note from Tubby Tom's:


This is my take on a Korean style spicy glaze. I use the nicest fermented red pepper paste which gives this sauce bags of umami and depth of flavour. It's one of my all time
favourites and after a few different incarnations over the years I'm now pleased to present it to you lot! 

Try glazing some juicy salmon fillets and serve with steamed tender stem, sugar snaps
and rice. Roast up some pork, shred it and glaze with this sauce before stuffing into
phat tacos. Glaze up some ribs and wings or just level up your condiment game.

I used to rent a unit next door to an Asian supermarket. They had everything you could think of, a treasure trove of world flavours, snacks, meats and weird shit. I used to go and look through everything between cooking batches of sauce and pick up bits and bobs to play around with along with tonnes of Chinese snacks and aloe vera waters. I got some Gochujang once and the flavour was incredible, super powerful. Nice amount of heat with a definite funky flavour. I played around with it and initially did a limited run which sold out instantly thanks to Instagram and btw thank you to everyone that copped one at the time.

Nutritional Info

Vegan Friendly / Allergens: SOY, BARLEY, SESAME.