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At The Farm we do our very best to use recyclable packing with all we sell. We use compostable 'vegware' throughout the café as we work towards our 0% plastics use by 2020 (we are already 90% there!). Our Deli, concessions and shop all use recyclable packaging and we sell reusable jute bags at the till (no plastic bags will ever be used!) We are also very proud of our extenisve unpackaged range.

Water Usage

At The Farm we fully utilise our 20,000 litre rain water harvesting tank. The toilets, kitchen garden, chilli farm and raised beds are watered using the this system. All our staff are trained in the importance of water preservation when preparing food on site. We are also members of 'RefillMyBottle' which enables any visitors to The Farm to refill their water bottles for free.


Supporting Local Economy & Business

Our onsite artisan producers and local suppliers are the heartbeat of our business. We heavily reduce food miles by using all produce made onsite in our café and during events. 

 Promoting Sustainable Transport

We are based on the outskirts of Snitterfield which has fantastic public transport links with Stratford-upon-Avon. We also actively promote and support many local walking and cycling clubs. We are based on the famous 'Monarchs Way' so muddy boots are not a problem. Many of our staff are local so walk or cycle to work.

Onsite Utilities

As most of our equipment is new, it holds at least an AAA rating, meaning we keep energy consumption to its minimum. We are conscious of lights being left on so most are operated by  movement sensor to help stop wastage. We also predominantly use low energy LED lighting. We are also extremely excited to announce that Mypower have recently fitted 300 solar panels at The Farm Stratford!
- The Farm CO2 savings in year 1 = 28.8 tonnes
- 29% of the total onsite energy consumption is now provided by the solar PV array
- Energy produced is the equivalent of having 80 kettles on for 8 hours per day (... that's ALOT of TEA!!)


We are 100% committed to educating all about sustainability when dealing with food, wildlife and the environment as a whole. Our children's programs run by 'Flourish @ The Farm' focus on educating thousands of children a year about how they can do their bit to reduce food miles and nurture our immediate surroundings. Understanding nature, food production / creation, alongside developing a care for the world around us will play a critical role for future generations.