The Pickled Crab

YASSSS FINALLY 💦… we’re super excited to announce our fish counter is BACK! The Farm Family welcomes ‘The Pickled Crab’ from Warwick to The Farm Stratford. 🦞 Nigel has over 38 years’ experience as a chef, his business is driven by knowledge & passion AND he is proud to work with the best suppliers from across the UK for over 20 years. Providing some of the very best establishments in the country with the very best ingredients; Ramsey Group, Tom Kerridge Group, Jason Atherton, James Martin & Chewton Glen… that’s saying something, right!?

🌊 His suppliers fish traditionally & use day boats not trawlers, which are much better for our environment 🌍 You’ll notice that @thepickledcrab fish counter changes daily as they simply buy what the fishermen catch that day. Quality is key for The Pickled Crab!