Sustainability at The Farm Stratford

The Farm Stratford X Sustainability
At The Farm Stratford we are continuously trying to act sustainably & environmentally friendly where possible. From the bio-degradable packaging we use, unpackaged fruit & vegetables, offering refillable & reusables to capturing renewable energy.
We've been waiting nearly 1 year for this...
We are extremely excited to announce that Mypower are currently fitting 300 solar panels at The Farm Stratford!
- The Farm CO2 savings in year 1 = 28.8 tonnes
- 29% of the total onsite energy consumption is now provided by the solar PV array
- Energy produced is the equivalent of having 80 kettles on for 8 hours per day (... that's ALOT of TEA!!)
Little bit about Solar Facts...
Solar energy users save, annually, as much as 75 million barrels of oil and 35 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. Plus, a huge amount of power can be harnessed from the sun: in just one hour, the Earth receives more energy than it would consume in an entire year (approximately 120 terawatts).
Did you also know that?
The Farm has a 20,000 litre rain water harvesting tank that we use to flush our toilets, water our kitchen garden, chilli farm & raised beds. All our staff are trained in the importance of water preservation when preparing food on site. We are also members of 'RefillMyBottle' which enables any visitors to The Farm to refill their water bottles for free.
Love, a VERY Happy Farm Family 🌟 #ourcommunity #bettertogether#sustainableliving #oneplanet