Save The Bees

They may be small, but bees are SUPER important for supporting our ecosystems, including our food supply.

Almost 90% of wild plants and 75% of leading global crops rely on animal pollinators like bees and a HUGE 1 in 3 mouthfuls of food we eat depends on them! Pollination is an essential process for allowing seeds, nuts and berries to flourish and without pollinators, the crop yields that we rely on for food would be significantly less.

We have some top tips on how you can help.

Instead of using chemical pesticides to keep garden pests at bay use natural deterrents like chilli flakes, bits of oil or soap, tomato leaves or garlic.

Make your garden bee-friendly! Creating a wild corner full of pollinator-friendly plants like dandelions, primrose, marigolds, blackthorn and sneezeweed are the perfect thing for this. The Farm’s wildflower seed mixes are the ideal addition to any garden looking to create a bee haven.

Create bee baths, adding small stones that break the water’s surface can allow bees to land safely and rehydrate. You can also spike the water with a dash of chlorine. Sugar, salt and oyster shells all act as attractants for bees.

If you see a bee in your garden looking a bit tired or in trouble, get 2 parts white sugar mixed with one part water (try to avoid brown or demerara sugar as this is harder for bees to digest) and place it on a spoon or shallow dish. With any luck, you’ll be amazed to see the reenergized bee fly away!