From Your Valentine

Valentine's Day is on Tuesday 14th February (next week - you are welcome). It is a celebration of love filled with flowers, chocolate, cards and hearts.

There are many stories about why we celebrate Valentine's Day. The main one being about a Catholic priest named Valentine. During Valentine's time there were many laws surrounding marriage, put in place by the emperor, Claudius II. He believed that unmarried men made better soldiers and forbid them to marry. Valentine ignored the laws and married people for love.

Unfortunately he was punished for this and on February 14th he was executed. His final letter, written to the jailer's daughter, was signed 'from your Valentine'.

Although Saint Valentine's life came to a tragic end, he spread love then and he still does today.

We have lots of lovely things here at The Farm to treat your loved one and help you celebrate. Whether you would like to say it with flowers, celebrate with bubbles or share some sweet treats - we have got you covered.

Happy Valentine's Day!