Check out our colourful new shelf-edge signs!

What better way to celebrate our favourite suppliers than with an array of vibrant posters! 

At the turn of the new year, many of us feel inspired (and maybe a little bit pressured) to overhaul our unhealthy habits and pick up new practices to make us feel better. That’s why January has become so big for Veganuary – a global event encouraging us to ditch the animal products and go plant-based for the month of January and beyond.  

But Suma is a wholesaler that’s been supplying ethically sourced (100% vegetarian!) products since 1977 – and we’re proud to stock a range of their delicious vegan food products. Did you know? ALTER/NATIVE and Ecoleaf are Suma’s very own body care and cleaning product ranges – fully plant-based, sustainably packaged, and effective too! 

It's not just Suma’s passion for wholefoods and vegan philosophy that inspires us. They’re also huge advocates for co-operative working and equality, inclusion and wellbeing for all. Co-operatives are people-centred enterprises – owned jointly by their members who share its profits or benefits - cementing Suma’s commitment to doing good for people and planet. 

It’s not just the lowercase letters that make this brand cool - method were one of the very first B Corps to certify back in 2007 – which is an accolade we can get behind! Using ‘green-sourcing’ to trace the environmental impact of making and distributing their products, method are on their way to a zero-waste manufacturing line. The company are also committed to making our cleaning practices future-friendly – from investing carbon offsets in an energy-efficient supply chain to championing renewable energy, method have a no-nonsense method (couldn’t help ourselves) when it comes to protecting every surface, especially earth’s.   

On top of this, method also have a very cool ‘humanifesto’ – check out these nuggets of pearly wisdom: 

“We prefer ingredients that come from plants, not chemical plants” 

“We see that guinea pigs are never used as guinea pigs”  

“We’re the kind of people who’ve figured out that once you clean your home, a mess of other problems seem to disappear too” 

“We’re entranced by shiny objects, like clean dinner plates, floors you could eat off, nobel peace prizes + tasteful public sculptures” 

What could be better than having your very own pic ‘n’ mix? We think the answer is Unpackaged! Providing us with a range of irresistible delights from sweet shop staples (hello jelly beans and wine gums) to healthier snacking options (enter banana chips, yoghurt raisins and roasted pistachios), the refill stations are full of plastic-free deliciousness. Even better than that, bringing your own containers means you get to decide how much you need – a central part of the Unpackaged sustainable buying ethos. 

Unpackaged also supply a selection of store cupboard essentials from rice and lentils to oats and quinoa, so there’s no need to go anywhere else. Some might say they have it all…minus the packaging!  

Sustainability is a buzzword that’s been adopted by retailers and conscious buyers alike – and while businesses need to wave a lot more than a magic green wand to deliver on their environmental commitments, many are well on their way. Honest Toil olive oil embodies sustainability in its most authentic sense – working slowly and meticulously to deliver the highest quality olive oil from the groves of Kyparissia. Small-scale and family-owned, Honest Toil are founded on traceability, cooperation and respect for the human and non-human environment. If you’ve tried their olive oil, you know it’s special. Try your first bottle or top up at our refill station – we promise you won’t regret it.   

Much like Unpackaged, Field Fare’s aim is to promote less food waste by helping customers buy only what they need…but with a little chill factor! From frozen pizza dough and pastries to potato fries and petit pois, their range of freshly frozen goods are all part of their mission to help you #ChooseLoose. And if their ‘scoop your own’ ethos isn’t enough to get you on board, their website is full of helpful tips and cooking instructions – not to mention a fun layout! 

When everything else feels uncertain, nature is the one place we can turn. Faith In Nature understands that prioritising the planet is non-negotiable. Alongside an unwavering awareness of their flaws (namely the plastic bottle conundrum), the company’s pioneering efforts to place Nature on their Board of Directors is a game-changer; leading the way for likeminded businesses to do the same.  

Last but not least! Fill Refill undoubtedly has a special place in our heart…and for good reason. As one of the first places to stock their beautiful bottles, we’ve seen them grow into a business with bold ambitions. Devoted to a better future for all, Fill’s innovative, ‘think-outside-the-box’ approach is slowly securing them ‘go-to’ status for households up and down the UK. Eco, simple, responsible (and now B Corp certified!!!), the Fill journey is only just beginning.   

As if their impressive products weren’t enough to go by, take one look at the Fill website and you get a real idea of the people behind the brand – cool, clever, and incredibly kind-hearted.  

Creating these posters wasn’t just to look pretty (even though they do!). Taking the time to learn about each of these suppliers in more detail was confirmation that we strive to choose suppliers that align with our values – no compromise. Number one on our list of commandments for product-buying is Sustainability, closely followed by Ingredients, Price, Story, Branding, People and Online Presence.  

All of the products and suppliers listed above passionately fulfil these criteria; and even if the price is slightly higher, we know it’s a small price to pay for the good of the planet.    

Keep your eyes peeled for the new signs dotted around the shop!  

Which products and suppliers do you want us to talk about next? 


Written by Lily Holbrook  

Environment and Sustainability Coordinator at The Farm Stratford